Hello everyone!

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Krittiya. I'm a web & interactive media developer living in NYC. I built the homepage background theme on the top to dynamically change itself based on the real time weather in nyc. If you come to my site during sunset and sunrise time ,you will see something special :) Click the bird and explore more stuffs. I hope you enjoyed my site. Cheers!

New Project

I programmed the interactive Tree for Taipie World Design Expo 2011 website. Check This out [top right corner]

Iphone Project

I helped a friend who is a medical doctor develop an applicaion for iphone/ipod touch to promote health. Click here to Download this app for free !


In my free time,I enjoy sketching, cooking, tango, painting, swimming ,jogging and listening to good Dharma. I started learning Argentine Tango in January 2010 and fell in love with it. I love being close to the mother nature. Hope everyone gets to spend time to do what you love to do & live a balanced life. Wishing you a faboulous 2013!

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